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Open Play

Open Play is Back!

WAYA Members-- head over to WAYA for Open Play in the WAYA gyms, Brumley field, and on our NEW Sand Volleyball Courts!

Please check below for the current Open Gym hours and availability of people per gym.

• Open Play is free for all members and $5/visit for nonmembers.

• Please call ahead to ensure that the field or courts are available and are not at max capacity.

• Members must sign in at the WAYA front desk prior to playing on the field or in the gyms.

• Children currently in the 5th grade and below may not be left at WAYA without the supervision of a parent or guardian 16 years or older with a valid driver's license.

• If you want to play volleyball or pickleball please call an hour before showing up, so our staff is able to set the gym up for you.

• All Open Gym participants must complete a Code of Conduct form at the WAYA Front Desk before access is allowed. 

Open Gym Hours & Current Capacity

Day Time Bratton Gym Current Capacity Old East Gym Current Capacity Old West Gym Current Capacity
Sun. 8/01 12pm-7pm 20 / 20 spots open 20 / 20 spots open 20 / 20 spots open
Mon. 8/02 5:30PM-9PM 20 / 20 spots open ------ ------
Tues. 8/03 No Open Gym Sorry! ------ ------ ------
Wed. 8/04 No Open Gym Sorry! ------ ------ ------
Thurs. 8/05 5:30PM-9PM 20/20 ------ ------
Fri. 8/06 3PM-9PM 20 / 20 spots open ------ ------
Sat. 8/07 1PM-7PM 20 / 20 spots open 20 / 20 spots open 20 / 20 spots open

Please call the Front Desk for Current Hours & Max Capacity for Brumley Field, Sand Volleyball Courts & the Playground at 512-473-2528

Open Play Equipment

The following equipment is available to you during Open Play:

• Basketballs, Volleyballs (Court & Sand), Soccer Balls (Regular & Futsal), Footballs
• Futsal Nets
• Spikeball Set
• Kickball Set
• Pickleball Set