The WAYA Sports Performance Program will take your game to the next level! This co-ed program will focus on enhancing qualities needed to be a better athlete on the field or court. Our progressive 4-week training system will take your athlete through a functional movement screen on the first day. After that, our professional coach will teach your athlete how to move well, move fast, and build confidence in their abilities through various drills, exercises, and activities. Each day of training will evolve and challenge your athlete in new ways! They will be using equipment pieces such as medicine balls, resistance bands, jump ropes, cones, and hurdles in order to develop their physical skill sets. This training is guaranteed to improve an athlete's movement, power, speed, strength, and efficiency, which allows for a greater decrease for risk of injury and increased performance in any given sport. If you are looking to gain an advantage against your opponent, WAYA Sports Performance is for you!