TJ Ford Basketball Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide our participants the opportunity of a lifetime to be in a group setting with hand-on instruction, individual breakdown, and leadership skills. Also, increase basketball IQ, self confidence, encouragement, mentorship, and a platform for national exposure.

Individual position breakdown
- Fundamentals of the game
- Techniques on offense/defense position
- Help kids grow as players
- Compete against the best

In reaching our goals, we turn to the three legs of our "Success Triangle."

  • Playing Hard:
    This means we are competitors without equal. We, as players and coaches, are striving to make sure that no one prepares more thoroughly or works more diligently to become a successful team than us. It also means giving our all in being students and coaches of TJ Ford Basketball. 
  • Playing Together
    This means accepting out teammates and coaches as they are and molding ourselves to do whatever we can to make US successful. As a group, we are also remembering to enjoy each other's company and have fun while we participate in this great game. In our off-the-court- lives, it means contributing our time to others, to good and worthwhile causes, and to the welfare of our families and loved ones. 
  • Playing Like a Champ:
    This means being a player or coach who when the practice, the game, the season, or the career is over can look back and say. "I gave all of myself and am thus worthy of the statement: I AM A CHAMP."

Playing and living our lives with class and integrity are values we treasure in each other and ourselves.