Advanced-level players will learn the importance of proper technique and skill development through high repetition. This focus will allow athletes to maximize their physicality, strategically making better plays as the game speeds up.

This 1.5 hour training time will include one-on-one instruction/correction, position work for setters, hitters, back-row players/libero work, blocking technique, and agility enhancement activities. 

There will be an 8:1 player-to-coach ratio in this group.

Players currently in 5th or 6th grade will need a sign off to attend this session.  We ask that 5th or 6th grade players who feel that they are ready for the Advanced class still sign up for Intermediate Class and notify Lauren Erler during the first session of your desire to move up.  Coach Erler will then evaluate your player to determine if the Advanced Level is a better fit.