Intermediate Level 1

Volleyball Training Only
$130 Members / $155 Non-Members

Preparing to make the team

This training is designed to prepare the athlete to feel confident and prepared for tryouts.  Athletes are trained with a player to coach ratio of no more than 10:1.  The hour long instruction is filled with maximum of ball touches and critical instruction to help the player master the fundamentals of the sport.


Intermediate Level 2

Volleyball Training + Additional Hour of Physical Training
$180 Members / $205 Non-Members

Athletes must be able to move in all directions or through all three Planes of Motion (3D).  They must be able to perform the fundamental movements of sport (squat, jump, hop, lunge, pivot, leap, reach and swing) in order to build a solid foundation.

Intermediate training begins once the fundamental movement skills have been attained and are ready for additional challenge.  Altering speed, range of motion, direction, body position and the usage of small loads enables us to further challenge the athletes capabilities.  Within this level of training we are able to implement 3D speed systems designed to enhance linear, lateral, and multidirectional acceleration/power.